Thursday, October 13, 2011


Cupcakes galore at Smallcakes.

I was provided with the above sample of cupcakes from Smallcakes: A Cupcakery, which has a new outpost in Buckhead. The first Smallcakes is located in Overland Park, Kansas and now freestanding franchises as well as franchise co-brands with Freshberry Yogurt are located in Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Florida and North Carolina in addition to Georgia. Smallcakes bakes around 20 flavors of cupcakes, some of which are available every day, others just on some days. I like that they have a rotating menu and some creative flavors like pumpkin and cherry limeade. At $3 each, however, they are not cheap.

Smallcakes' claim to fame is that it's co-founder, Jeff Martin, was on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" and as a result, the cupcakes became a hit with the ladies on "The View". The cupcakes were also served at the 2011 MTV Music Awards. With these anecdotes in mind I was really excited to get home and try the beautiful looking cupcakes. I even invited my cousins over to share the wealth. Unfortunately the taste really disappointed all of us. The cake was tasteless and the icing - piled on with a vengeance - was way too sweet and also not that tasty. As you can tell, I was really disappointed by these cupcakes - and surprised that they could make it to franchise status. I'm not sure why they are so popular - from my perspective it can only be because they have managed to get hype from various stars. Unfortunately hype does not always equal taste. The yelp page for the Overland Park store shows that several others agree with my opinion.

Readers - have you tried Smallcakes? What do you think? What is your favorite cupcake place in Atlanta?

The available selection changes daily, with some of the more popular cupcakes available every day.

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Anonymous said...

I thought they were really good and the MAJORITY on Yelp agree. You know what they say about opinions.....LOL

Tralynn said...

I will have to give Smallcakes a try since I live near Overland Park, KS. I will be coming to Atlanta and plan to open a small bakery, so I will be checking out my competition. I have never had any bad comments on my baking so I hope to be able to do well once I get there.