Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anniversary Dinner with Chef Stephanie of Dishes Delicious

White gazpacho with grapes and almonds - so delicious!

For our 1 year anniversary I decided to do something unexpected: no big fancy dinner out; instead a delicious dinner cooked at home by the lovely and talented Chef Stephanie of Dishes Delicious. I met Stephanie at a food event last summer and having always wanted to do a meal at home prepared by a chef, decided to do this for our first wedding anniversary before we moved out of Atlanta.

Stephanie was fun to work with on the planning front - we discussed the menu and settled on the below, which she even put onto a special menu card for the occasion. Since we had bar stools in our Atlanta kitchen we were able to watch Stephanie do the final preparations and the cooking, which made it even more fun - your very own chef's table at home! Everything she prepared was awesome - in particular the white gazpacho. Superb. If you need a private chef for any size home party, I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie!

Crispy wild mushroom and onion grit cakes.

Sea bass with guava cream and roasted new potatoes.

Chef Stephanie. She can be reached through her website Dishes Delicious.

Lemon curd crepes with raspberry sauce.

One year down!