Saturday, June 02, 2012

Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint - Atlanta. Coming soon to Charlotte

Portobello Pesto Pizza.

Just before leaving Atlanta I ventured into Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint to use a free pizza coupon. Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint epitomizes the "fast-casual" option that is popping up frequently now in Atlanta.In addition to pizza the restaurant serves salads and toasted paninis. You order at a long counter where you create your own pizza or choose a specialty pizza combination, pay and a server brings your food when it is ready. Drinks, silverware and other items like parmesan and red pepper flakes are all self-serve. For me this place is best enjoyed by families. There were tons of kids there when we went and as a result the noise volume was high. There is a patio available also at this location, which might be a way to enjoy a quieter meal.

The food was pretty good overall. Our salad was fresh and I enjoyed the goat cheese on the special spinach/strawberry salad. The pizza was tasty especially with the addition of specially requested garlic. Unfortunately the workers making the pizzas/salads were not very enthusiastic, perhaps because just before we ordered a party of 8 including kids took forever to make up their minds. I am also not a huge fan of this style of dining but again, I think it's great for families. Uncle Maddio's also serves Rooster 14 cookies - who can resist one of those to finish off the meal right? Apparently Uncle Maddio's is expanding significantly with franchises opening in Charlotte in the near future.

Strawberry spinach salad.

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