Monday, September 03, 2012

Simmons Soul Food Restaurant

Baked chicken with stuffing, mac & cheese and greens.

Following a recommendation we recently tried out Simmons Soul Food Restaurant. When we arrived the place was empty and we found a seat at one of the simple tables. The decor is not much to look at, although some interesting pieces of memorabilia line the walls which contain some famous and not so famous patrons' signatures! The food was definitely not as impressive as we had hoped. The best thing we tried was the baked chicken and the collard greens and mac & cheese were good. The ribs were horrible with mostly fat and the fried fish was just decent. We did enjoy the cornbread, though. Overall I think Charlotte can do better. I am still on the lookout for my favorite Soul Food dining destination!


Ribs with green beans and fried okra.

Fried fish with mac & cheese and greens.

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Delicious Deliveries said...

fried okra know that sounds tasty.

Chante said...

Tell food at Simmons was horrible the last time I went... But I have to also mention they have a new owner, which is the reason it's horrible. The prior owner retired due to illnesses last year and its been down hill ever since! Truly wish you could have had the food back then it was excellent!!!

Anonymous said...

The food there died when the old owner left last year.. Now it's nasty

Anonymous said...

As a Grandson of the original owner I have to say thank you for the kind words and i shall pass them on to my family