Monday, May 11, 2009

Button Cakes Revisited

All pretty and wrapped up.

Following my previous post about Button Cakes Bakery in Decatur, I was offered complimentary cupcakes from owner Holly Mann. On Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to have the above box of fabulous cupcakes delivered to my office. I immediately tried the vanilla cupcake, which was very moist and tasty, although the icing was a little too sweet for me. Still the presentation was beautiful and I enjoyed the afternoon treat. Some of my colleagues tried the strawberry fields and red velvet cupcakes and absolutely loved them. I was tempted to try them also but I restrained myself since I knew I was going out to dinner in just a few short hours!

After dinner Friday evening I sampled the other three varieties. The red velvet and strawberry fields are my favorites: perfect, moist cake and delicious frosting. The red velvet isn't as sweet as the others, with it's cream cheese frosting adding an additional tanginess - perfect for those who don't like things too sweet. The strawberry was complex enough to make it taste great to me even with a sweeter icing. The chocolate chocolate was also good - especially the dark chocolate frosting!

I think when I tasted these the first time, they had been sitting overnight at Voila Cafe, where they are currently being sold. Apparently the cakes will be sold from a new Decatur location soon (check the above website for further details). It's probably a good idea to call and check on when the cupcakes are delivered to the store so you can ensure you are getting a fresh batch. Alternatively, this is a great bakery for special orders and requests, since they will be baked fresh just for you!

L to R - Chocolate chocolate, strawberry fields, vanilla and red velvet. Yum!

Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate chocolate, strawberry fields and red velvet cupcakes.

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