Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fiesta Fiesta!


Fresh-cooked meat for tacos and buritos.

On Sunday we attended Fiesta Atlanta, a Cinco de Mayo annual festival held at Centennial Olympic Park. Thankfully we went early, and it paid off with tons of freebies including an entire package of tortillas, cookies, loads of Little Debbie snacks, various juices and power drinks and much more! It was a great day for another festival! We also managed to run into an Atlanta Hawks block party, as preparations for Sunday's game began. They wouldn't let us shoot baskets as we were too old for the 12 year age limit, but I did win a magnet :).

The big picture.


Old-fashioned festival food was also available.

Coke Zero - at it again!

It's like The Price is Right!

Fountain fun.

Almost frightening!

Cops at the ready.