Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raging Burrito in Decatur

Carnitas and fish tacos with salad.

On Thursday I headed to Raging Burrito in Decatur for dinner. Trivia was going on, and it was lightly raining so we sat inside rather than on the cute patio out back. As much as we love trivia, this time we did not officially participate! I was a little annoyed that you had to order chips and salsa. To me, this is something that should be standard at any decent Mexican restaurant. I was also not happy with the native-looking person on the menu cover, wearing only a loincloth and holding a spear. Not sure how this fits, although I suppose they were going for something about "Indians" or "Mexicans" raging. I don't really get it, though, and actually find the image quite offensive. Anyone else feel this way or know more about the image's origin?

On to the food: my tacos were tasty as was the salad dressing. I liked that they offered the option of a side salad rather than rice and beans. The tofu chimi was also tasty, with a pineapple salsa on top. I found the portions to be small for the price, but really they were just right for my tummy and not overwhelming. Service was spotty but everyone working there looked like they were having fun. I will probably not return here in the near future, but if you crave Mexican in Decatur, it' s not a bad option. I'm still looking for my go-to Mexican place in Atlanta. Any suggestions?

Chips with salsa fresca.

Raging tofu chimichangas.

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Unknown said...

As a Southern California transplant who spent a lot of time in Mexico I looked hard for a real Mexican food place. I tried all the recommendations and highly rated places but was very disappointed. I moved to a new position this year and my new boss, from Mexico, pointed me in the direction of El Dorado in Duluth. Although a bit of a hike from Atlanta it is absolutely AMAZING, completely authentic and well worth the 25 minute drive from my Buckhead apt. It is a hole in the wall place (as all good Mexican places are) with no frills but great service and phenomenal food. I highly recommend it and this is coming from a serious Mexican food snob raised between Southern California and Baja.

El Dorado
2570 Pleasant Hill Rd #102
Duluth, Ga
(678) 957-1377

Amy said...

I am rarely in Duluth but I will definitely remember this place. Thanks for the suggestion!

scott said...

Hi Amy, I am Scott theowner of raging burrito. I found your blog and I wanted to say thanks for coming to eat withus. I am sorry you find our logo offensive. The logo man is not meant to be offensive. I came up with the idea for him from a piece of art i bought while hitch hiking in Indonesia in 1990. He is meant to be an international man of burritos and just a fun person. The art was part of my inspiration tocome up with my idea for raging burrito when we opened in1996. I just wanted to tell you the logos origins and I hope this helps you find him less offensive. Have a great day and thanks for eating with us. Sincerely, Scott Herman

amy said...

hey amy! aside from caramba cafe in the highlands that i've always enjoyed, we found a local mexican place around the corner from our house that is absolutely incredible. there's usually no wait during the week but on the weekends they have a line out the door. it's called los hermanos and it's in a publix shopping center on hugh howell road in tucker. you will not be disappointed!!