Friday, May 01, 2009

Taqueria del Sol

Salsa Trio.

On Thursday my friend Kimberly and I dined at Taqueria del Sol on Cheshire Bridge Road, excited about enjoying the nice weather on their patio. This place is famous for long lines and a distinct attitude - don't dare choose a table before you've ordered - but once you do place your order and pay at the counter, sometimes your order makes it out quicker than you can sit down! I love the shrimp & corn chowder here as well as the fish taco. I usually also get a Memphis taco (BBQ pork with slaw and sauce). The salsa trio is also addictive, especially with the warm chips. They also have very good collard greens, some of the best I've had. Still, I remain on the hunt for the best Mexican around. What's your favorite Mexican joint?

Shrimp & Corn Chowder, Fish Taco & Memphis Taco (my standard).

Chocolate chocolate cake.

In honor of several celebrations, Kimberly made a fabulous chocolate cake for our group meeting. The cake was made with sour cream, giving it a tangy taste that was well-complemented by the chocolate satin icing. Well done!

Middle of the delicious cake.

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Queen Savage said...

I love the fish tacos at Taqueria del Sol too. But, the fish tacos at Estoria in Cabbage Town are probably the best I've had in town. Have you been to El Rey del Taco on Buford Hwy? I think it is the best authentic Mexican food around--hand-rolled corn tortillas and tortas that are out of sight. Go with someone who speaks Spanish or they will give you the shortened "Gringo" menu :) Love your blog!

Amy said...

I will have to try Estoria! I have been to El Rey del Taco and in fact may be back there again soon :) Things for the comment!