Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Blogger Tries Varasano's

Salumi with crust char.

After hearing the hype, reading the blogs and wondering about Varasano's for a long time, I ventured to try it last week with Malika from Atlanta Restaurant Blog. We tried the salumi (pictured above) and the white clam pizza. The salumi was tasty, with good fresh mozzarella and Italian meats. The char on the pizza gave it flavor and body as well, but to be honest, I was not that impressed. There are lots of good pizza places in Atlanta, and while I would return to Varasano's, I'm not dying to go back. The clam pizza was very garlicky and did not taste like pizza to me (although I LOVE garlic). It wasn't bad, but I think it should be advertised as clam bread or something other than pizza. To be fair, I've only tried these two pies, so I would definitely like to try more in the future - I'm especially intrigued by the dolce pizza (dates and fontina cheese with honey), which I've heard is more like dessert than a main course. If you mention facebook during the month of July you will get a free slice of cake - and the cake was good, with Italian liqueur in it! Readers, what do you think of Varasano's? What is your favorite pizza place in the Atlanta area?

Free cake!

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Anonymous said...

Fritti is great for Italy style pizza and Camelli's is the best for NY style pizza.

Amy said...

Yes Fritti and Cameli's are two other good options. I also like Shorty's & will post about it soon as I had a good pizza there the other night. Thanks for the comment!

Jessica said...

Is it foodie blasphemy to mention chains? I really like CPK and Mellow Mushroom!