Monday, February 07, 2011

NYC: Pasha Turkish Cuisine

With our wedding officiant, June, outside the restaurant.

One evening in New York we dined at Pasha, a warm, inviting Turkish restaurant on the upper West side. On the way there we saw Ben Stiller filming a movie near Central Park. The crew was shushing everyone, which we found hilarious - telling people walking down the street in NYC to be quiet!
Luckily we found the restaurant with no problem, and after a LONG walking day - we calculated about 9 miles total, we really enjoyed taking a load off and having dinner with June, a family friend who will officiate at our wedding in April. The food was very enjoyable, especially the dips and olives and Calvin's lamb dish - very tasty.

Grilled eggplant dip, hummus and salad.

Chicken breast stuffed with rice, pistachios and currants.

Pan seared trout.

Lamb slices with tomato sauce.

Ice cream, baklava and milk pudding rounded out the meal.

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Shaheen said...

The starter and dessert look most excellent. I wish we had a good Turkish restaurant near.