Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sushi House Hayakawa

Today's specials with complementary bean sprouts. The green tea hit the spot as well.

I finally made it to Sushi House Hayakawa, an Atlanta area destination sushi spot worth the drive and the cost. Owner/head chef Atsushi (Art) Hayakawa is from Sapporo, Japan and has worked in the sushi business for many years, including in several other quality local establishments. He finally opened his own sushi restaurant in 2008 and it has retained a following ever since. Not only does Sushi House Hayakawa have great sushi, it also has a large menu of Japanese home style dishes as well as daily specials printed on special cards. I enjoyed everything that I tried and look forward to returning again.

Mother's onion miso soup. This was truly outstanding - so different from regular miso with bold onion flavor.

Avocado tofu salad - very tasty, mild and unique and fried oysters - also delicious.

Sashimi platter.

Outside the small restaurant.

Salmon Torch Roll - absolutely delicious! Salmon is my favorite type of sushi and this did not disappoint.

Takoyaki topped with bonito flakes - Wow - finally found another place that serves these tasty Osaka treats. I still haven't found any that equal the quality of the street food in Japan but it's still fun to be able to experience these unique flavors and interesting presentation.

Mochi ice cream dessert - green tea and sesame flavors. These were really delicious and brought back fond memories of Japan.

Chef Hayakawa (left).

Ikura - part of the sushi and sashimi platter - gleefully salty as they should be and served over perfect rice.

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