Friday, December 15, 2006

Mexican Traditions

Ryan, Elizabeth, Justin, Nathalie and Jason

Every semester after our exams are over, some of my law school buddies and I have a tradition of going out for Mexican food. We started out going to Casa Maya but since they changed locations and, in our opinion, faltered on the food, we have come to prefer South of the Border. After our Spring exams one year the Mexican food tradition turned out to be quite longer than we expected - it happened to be that our exams were over on Cinco de Mayo, apparently the day when people who forget about Mexican food during the rest of the year decide they need to have Mexican food.
Anyway, this year we had no problem getting seated (we went on December 14) and we ordered margaritas to celebrate. I had the shrimp soup and a side of guacamole (love that stuff!). My usual order at South of the Border is Tacos de Carne Asada on corn tortillas - great stuff but a little more than I wanted this time.

Justin and Nathalie with their new bear claws AKA serving instruments.