Friday, December 29, 2006

Party, Party!

My cake - made by the fine folks at Sweet Art bakery in Charlotte

On my birthday we went to lunch at one of my favorite places in Charlotte, Cuisine Malaya - you have to try the mango shrimp, the crispy duck and the roti canai appetizer! Then Dad, Diane, Patrick and I saw the movie "Blood Diamond." Later on we went to a fabulous holiday party at a family friend's house before heading back to my dad's house for my quarter century birthday party.

Holiday Party!!

Amy and Shelley at the holiday party

Steve, Mom and Liz at the holiday party

I had to try the fruit tart even though I knew my birthday cake was waiting at home!

They also had this lovely chocolate yule log cake

Liz and Anna - forever "the twins."

Amy's Birthday!!!

Dad, Diane and Maxine at the birthday celebration

Amy, Lori and Nishita

Dad bringing in the cake!

Amy takes charge and cuts the cake - it was lemon cake with a homemade raspberry filling.

My two grandmas - Bea and Sarah.

Nice posed kiss from Grandma Sarah