Sunday, May 04, 2008

Piggin' Out

Amy with the Tasty Pig.

Anyplace with a mascot like this is bound to be tasty! Following our strawberry picking jaunt, ravenous and on the prowl for something to fill our tummies, we stumbled across A&J's Bar-B-Q just down the road from the farm. As we'd hoped, the meat was tender and succulent, the sides satisfied and the genuine service can't be beat. The sauce was pretty tasty as well - they had a regular and a hot and spicy BBQ sauce, which I gladly used both for my sandwich and for my fries. I will remember this place for the next time I go picking berries!

Outside the building - the authentic look was a good sign!

Order at the Counter!

Nice booths with nostalgic photos and model planes round out the atmosphere

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Slaw and Fries

Sliced Beef with Turnip Greens and Sweet Potatoes

A&J Tasty Pig BBQ
2662 Loganville Highway, Grayson, GA 30017
(770) 682-5211

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DD said...

Oh yum! That looks good! Reason #55 To Put Off Becoming a Vegetarian a Little While Longer! I think I will link to your post on my Snellville restaurant blog...I don't mind if we wander off to Loganville a bit. I haven't been to AJ's since they moved out of Snellville. They were located near the corner of US78 and Scenic Hwy, and I think after they moved, the building burned down.