Thursday, May 29, 2008

Martha's Vineyard Revisited!

Over Memorial Day weekend I spent time with family on Martha's Vineyard. Lucky for me, my aunt and uncle have a house there. We had a fabulous time, the weather was great and the food was yum yum yum!

My Aunt and Uncle's House on the Vineyard. Available for rental here.

View on the way to the beach - about a five minute walk from the house.

The gorgeous beach.

The water was pretty cold, but it warms up nicely later in the summer.

We had a lovely lunch at Art Cliff, a small cafe with delicious food. They serve a wide variety of crepes, breakfast foods, sandwiches and salads.

One meat sandwich and one veggie!

Curried chicken salad - the orange stuff on top was either fried carrot or fried sweet potato!

Plain crepe with sugar and lemon juice - I had to indulge myself for dessert as this was too good to pass up!

OK so we had to eat a lot of smoked shrimp and crab dip... just like this... with crackers!

Lynn made a delicious chicken with peanut and veggie pasta.

Plum TV, Amanda's place of employment.

We hiked down to another beach one day. The weather was perfect and yours truly really enjoyed it.

Picturesque bench on our hike.

View from Edgartown Harbor.

Front of Chesca's, the fancy place we went in Edgartown. It was delicious.

Wonderful bread and cracker assortment with butter and white bean spread.

They had bento box specials, including this one with salmon.

Frutti di Mare Pasta.

Lobster ravioli with huge scallops.

The desserts were out of this world! We had a brownie sundae and a wonderfully creamy custard with raspberries. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Our whole crew at lunch on the Vineyard.

Mad Martha's. Some fine ice cream.

Amanda enjoys her cone.

The famous Black Dog chain - this is the Cafe.

Pastries and cakes at The Black Dog. The apple fritter is awesome and worth every last calorie!

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Martha's Vineyard seafood fan said...

I love seafood when it comes straight from the coast! I'm jealous that you got to go to Martha's Vineyard and eat fresh seafood there. You are definitely lucky that your aunt and uncle have a house there.