Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Road Trip: Macon Road BBQ in Columbus, Georgia

The owner, "Big Daddy", holding up a rack of ribs.

Finding myself in Columbus, Georgia for work two days last week, I researched a good lunch place. My paralegal and I enjoyed a down-home barbecue lunch at Macon Road BBQ, where we sampled the "chipped" (similar to pulled, but chopped finer) pork and side dishes. The decor, or lack thereof, is about what you'd expect from looking at the worn exterior of this place, but everything tasted great, including their Brunswick stew, which we also sampled. I liked the slightly mustardy, thin sauce served on the side at every table. I even drank sweet tea - having unsweetened tea in a place like this is just a shame! This is definitely a good option if you're in the Columbus area and need an authentic southern BBQ meal.

Chipped pork andwich platter with slaw and fries.

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Anonymous said...

I had never heard of "chipped" BBQ until this article. Good to know!

And I wish one of the bloggers would try some kind of BBQ tour of Atlanta. There are a lot of places I keep hearing about as good, but never seem to locate the review.


nopham said...

Thank you for the info. We're leaving tomorrow heading to Columbus, GA...will give this place a visit. We had BBQ at Country's BBQ (very good side dishes) and fresh squeezed lemonade.