Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Las Palmeras Cuban Cuisine - Midtown


Las Palmeras is a quirky, hole in the wall Cuban restaurant tucked into Atlanta's midtown neighborhood. Although the service can be a bit slow when they are busy, the food is well worth it and the family-run place has been around for a long time. The Cuban sandwich is one of the best in the city and I also love the fruity milkshakes. The location is a bit hard to find so you should definitely print out and map and/or believe your GPS when it tells you to go down a residential street - the restaurant and attached store is the only business on the block.

We recently took my dad here and service was exceptionally slow; however, we still enjoyed our food and the view from the cozy patio. The wait was mostly on the front end, however. Once we placed our order the food came pretty quickly - it was just that initial wait for someone to take our drink order etc. that can really set the meal off on the wrong foot. It would help a lot if they could bring out some bread first off, maybe with some dip or sauce. Then the wait wouldn't seem quite as long! It appears that they often have only one waitress/server/greeter and this is way too much for one person on a busy night. Still, it's worth a try if you know in advance it might be a little slow as the food really is good.

Cuban sandwich.

Maduros (sweet plantains) with roasted chicken and black beans/rice mix.

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