Friday, July 22, 2011

Tantra Restaurant & Lounge

Signature dish - seared ostrich with mushrooms and onions. This is one tasty steak, and healthier for you than beef too.

I was invited to try Tantra back in May. Located on Peachtree Road, next door to Imperial Fez, Tantra is a real treat. Calvin and I enjoyed a spectacular meal with great ambiance and service. The hummus with lamb and the scallops were my favorite dishes and the desserts were awesome too. They also offer an ostrich filet, which is very tender and delicious - something different is always fun too. This is a great special occasion place and with the lovely bar, also a nice place for drinks and appetizers or dessert!

Tasty, although a bit salty, flat bread provided at the beginning of the meal with a tasty herb butter - we liked the butter so much we had to ask for more!

Lamb tartar with shallot butter on matzah - very tasty and unique, but not as much lamb flavor as the hummus with lamb, below.

Hummus tahini with sauteed lamb - one of my favorite dishes of the evening. Absolutely delicious!

Mussels with red bell pepper coconut broth - also outstanding.

Basil Caramelized Scallops - another winner. I love this dish. Basil, scallops, whipped potatoes and greens. Yum.

Tantra has several inventive cocktails including the Tantric, left, which includes fresh thyme and Elderflower liquor.

Lemon scented Italian doughnuts + warm white chocolate cake with vanilla-lavender ice cream and berries. Both of these are wonderful and unique. I was already full when I got to the dessert course but I had to taste these anyway - so glad I did!

Espresso and Sambuca drink - great way to end the evening.

The dining room is dark, romantic and sensual - as it should be at a place called Tantra!

Nicely decorated bar area.

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Anonymous said...

We have heard about this restaurant and we were waiting to see some reviews. We will try the restaurant soon. Thank you for the nice pictures. They are beautiful.