Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nava's Brunch

Salsa Trio - mango habenero, chipotle tomatillo and avocado tomatillo. My favorite: the chipotle tomatillo - smoky with just the right spice level.

I was very excited to try Nava's new brunch menu after being invited to a special brunch event on a Friday morning back in May. I had never been to Nava before, although its Southwestern concept has always intrigued me. After trying some of the brunch items I hope to go back soon for dinner or another brunch. Everything was delicious. I especially liked the shrimp & grits taco, the Johnny cakes and the brunch-inspired cocktails. Nava is a neat place to take someone for a unique and special meal and is one of the few Southwestern restaurants in our city.

Nava Taco Trio: chipotle BBQ brisket, shrimp & grits and fish. The shrimp & grits taco was much better than I expected - I think it was the smoked tomato grits.

Johnny Cakes with smoked bacon layers and real maple syrup. So buttery and delicious.

"Bacon" & Eggs - crisp pork belly, masa goditas, chorizo, chipotle aioli, pan fried farm eggs and citrus arugula salad.

Other brunch menu items include Sonoma Jack Cheese 3 Egg Omelet with Tequila sour cream & chorizo hash browns and Salmon & Eggs with short smoked salmon, soft poached farm egg, spinach & goat cheese hash and chipotle lime hollandaise. I'd definitely like to try that salmon next time I go to Nava for brunch.

Blue jalepeno corn bread with GA peach Bellini. Other brunch cocktails include Peach Payaso, Blood Orange Mimosa and Spiced Flower.

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