Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cluck 'N Cup - South End

Cluck 'N Cup is a cute breakfast and lunch spot where I enjoyed a delightful lunch several weeks ago. I dined at the Southend location just off South Blvd. but there are locations uptown and in north Charlotte as well. The chicken pot pie is very good - I look forward to having this again over the winter. I also sampled the broccoli casserole - also very tasty. Cluck 'N Cup serves a full breakfast menu including breakfast sandwiches (toast, croissants and bagels available), yogurt, oatmeal, muffins and frittatas. A full coffee selection including espresso drinks is also available - yay for serving my favorite, the mocha. Lunch brings several salads, wraps, sandwiches and entrees like the pot pie, lasagna and quesadillas. Lots of chicken is on the menu - hence the "cluck". Every day there is a lunch special including a drink for around $5 - $6 - a nice deal - on Wednesday you can get the pot pie, a side and a drink for $5.99. Also, you can purchase pot pie, broccoli casserole and more to take and bake a home - a nice option. I can walk here from home so I look forward to returning to Cluck 'N Cup soon to try the mocha and more of the menu.

Famous chicken pot pie with fruit salad.

Chicken salad wrap with broccoli casserole.

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Anonymous said...

love the shrimp tacos

Anonymous said...

I quite like it when you are served fruit with a meat dish.
Like the name "Cluck 'N Cup" . :)