Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pewter Rose Bistro

Almond baked Brie.

Pewter Rose Bistro is a classic South End spot for brunch and lunch. The butterscotch scones that are brought around to everyone are buttery and delicious - a complement to any meal. I've never been here for dinner but there is a full dinner menu offered as well with lots of wine specials during the week. I recently had a lovely lunch here with friends and really enjoyed the quiet, eclectic ambiance and the delicious food. The almond baked brie is really something special - served hot it had just the right amount of sweetness and the accompanying fruit added a nice element with the crackers and cheese. I debated about trying one of the tasty sounding sandwiches but ended up with a the below salad which was made interesting by the addition of bulgher wheat, blue cheese and candied walnuts. I look forward to trying more of the menu soon!

Signature butterscotch scone - they also sell a mix to make your own at home!

The Bistro Chopped Salad with Chicken.

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bluang3lbby said...

This is one of my friends' favorite places in Charlotte and I am willing to bet that she probably has had the brie each time she has been. I think I need to get her to take me there the next time I am in town.