Monday, July 30, 2012

Taqueria Mexico on South Blvd.

Shrimp Taco.

Taqueria Mexico is a refreshing little spot out South Boulevard serving up authentic, homey Mexican cuisine. We were pleasantly surprised with the trio of salsas, including a tasty green tomatillo along with as many chips as you can handle. The tacos are a real standout here, especially the shrimp taco. The wet burrito was very good as well, with a piquant sauce and melted cheese giving it that extra touch. The menu here is huge and I look forward to returning. The prices are also very reasonable and I'm sure the larger dishes would be enough for 2 to share. I am still on the lookout for additional great Mexican spots in Charlotte, but I'm glad to have added Taqueria Mexico to my regular rotation!

Guacamole salad and wet burrito.

Fish taco and pork taco.

Chips and salsa - nice to have so many salsa options!

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