Monday, August 06, 2012

Dots Dario - Marion, NC

Dots Dario stand.

On the way to our mountain cabin stands Dots Dario in Marion, NC. Dots serves an impressive variety of soft-serve flavors as well as dipped ice cream, sundaes, banana splits and sorbets. Recently we enjoyed some chocolate dipped soft serve as well as the lemon sorbet. I suggest sticking to the ice cream as the sorbet was sticky sweet. This is a fun place for a treat on the way up the mountain or a way and a nice stop to console yourself on your way back home!

Chocolate dipped soft serve and lemon sorbet.

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bluang3lbby said...

This is so ironic. You have now visited my current and former hometown. Dots Dario really isn't the better place in Marion. For ice cream, Jack Frost is a better pick.

Amy said...

I will have to check out Jack Frost next time - thanks for the tip!