Thursday, August 16, 2012

Odalys Bakery Panaderia

Odalys Bakery Panaderia is a Latino bakery, located in the Grand Oaks shopping center on South Blvd. This place has excellent pastries. I love the above doughnut with custard inside and the guava turnovers are also delicious. Both are under $1 each and are often warm out of the oven when I've visited. Odalys also has a variety of cookies and other pastries along with breads and cakes including individual slices of tres leches cake, one of my favorites! You can order large cakes for parties at reasonable prices as well - I have not actually ordered an entire cake myself, however. English is not widely spoken and I don't believe they take credit cards. When you enter, take a metal tray and tongs from the front counter and place your goods on the tray - self-serve style. There may be some guessing involved as to what something is but since very few items are more than $1 it can be a learning experience without breaking the bank. Get the custard doughnut. Trust me. This is a fun place to go after visiting one of the many small taquerias on South Blvd.

Some of the breads and pastries available.

Grab a try and tongs and pick up some pastries! Warm out of the over selections are still on their cooling trays (left).

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Allan said...

That all looks good, very traditional