Thursday, July 12, 2012

Freshberry Yogurt and Smallcakes Cupcakery - Charlotte

Yogurt with fresh fruit.

Freshberry Yogurt and Smallcakes Cupcakery recently opened in the space that formerly housed Blockbuster video on East Boulevard. Charlotte, like Atlanta, is starting to become overrun with frozen yogurt establishments, in particular the soft serve variety. Freshberry adds another one to the bunch, offering several flavors in tart and non-tart varieties and dozens of cereal, nut, candy, chocolate, and fruit toppings. They have multi-colored mochi (sweet rice balls) which made me smile and their tart yogurt flavor pleased the palate - I actually had some for a late breakfast one day just when they opened. I thought Freshberry might have a hard time making it since they are so close to Menchie's, but perhaps the cupcakes are the different draw that will keep them in business.

The cupcakes here, like the ones at the Atlanta Smallcakes, taste bland to me with overly sweet frosting and not enough buttery cakey flavor despite their gorgeous outer appearance. I imagine they use the same recipes so this is not surprising. I'm sure kids will enjoy this place - both yogurt AND cupcakes - it will be a difficult decision if parents make them choose!

Smallcakes cupcake collection.

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