Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Do You Roll? Opens In Ballantyne

The Director's Cut Roll - seaweed wrap, kani and unagi (crab and eel), avocado, tofu skin, crunch, wasabi mayo and unagi sauce.

How Do You Roll? just opened a new a fast-casual sushi spot in Ballantyne that allows diners to design their own sushi rolls or bowls. Protein options include many cooked meats like beef, chicken, freshwater ell (unagi) and even crawfish tails. Salmon, escolar and tuna are available raw. Both seaweed and soy wraps are available and you can choose from white or brown rice. Then you pick your veggies, toppings and sauces. Classic and original rolls designed by the restaurant are also available. This location of How Do You Roll? joins an uptown Charlotte location and two dozen or so total locations throughout the country.

I was invited to preview the restaurant's offerings earlier this week and enjoyed the Director's Cut roll (above), custom shrimp roll (below) and sides such as the tasty and authentic miso soup, edamame, calamari salad and seaweed salad. I also sampled the fruit roll and green tea mochi ice cream. Whether you think you love sushi or not, this is a great alternative for a healthy, fast meal. Even if you don't like raw fish there is plenty here for you to try.

Through Sunday How Do You Roll? hosts its Grand Opening, with a benefit for childhood cancer in association with the Adam Faulk Tanksley Foundation. If you donate at least $1 to the foundation now through Sunday, you get a free sushi roll or bowl - a great way to try this new spot and fight childhood cancer at the same time.

Some of the available ingredients for rolling.

Custom shrimp/avocado/mango roll with brown rice.

Dessert fruit roll.

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