Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spoon Eastside

Calamari - delicious!

A couple of weeks ago we took some out of town family and friends to Spoon Eastside on Moreland Avenue. I also had an early dinner there about two months ago sans camera. Overall this is a fine place for Thai food, although the prices are a bit higher than some of my other Thai faves like Little Bangkok on Cheshire Bridge - or shall I say, the portions are a bit smaller! The place was not crowded at all on Friday night, which might mean bad news for this restaurant, which also has a location near Georgia Tech. Everything was good but one of the main reasons I like this place is that it's right across the parking lot from Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream. Spicy food followed by creamy goodness cannot be beat! My favorite dishes here are the fried calamari, the massamun curry and the spicy seafood salad (not pictured). What is your favorite Thai restaurant?

Basil rolls and special fried shrimp appetizer.

Pad Thai.

Massamun Curry with tofu.

Pad Kraprao - spicy basil with chicken.

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Anonymous said...

admittedly I've never been to the ice cream place across the street but how can you possible go to Sppon and NOT have one of Chef Aim's incredible desserts???

Amy said...

Lots of willpower! The desserts do look great at Spoon also :)