Thursday, August 06, 2009

Star Provisions Lunch and Desserts

Shrimp Po' Boy.

Last week I finally tried Star Provisions for lunch. I'd been before once to buy some high quality salt and peppercorns and soft serve ice cream with olive oil & sea salt - try it if you haven't - definitely a different yet oddly satisfying taste. This time I opted for the shrimp po' boy (above), which lived up to the hype. I really enjoyed this: soft bread, perfectly fried shrimp, good sauce. I didn't try the chicken sandwich but it looked tasty, with a Green Goddess dressing.

Chicken sandwich.

To please my office-mates I returned to work with the below desserts. My favorite of the three is the chocolate peanut butter bar, which is strange because I would have thought I'd favor the blueberry tart. The S'mores bar was interesting, but perhaps a little too much marshmallow - also, I think it loses something when it's not hot - perhaps a brief stint in the microwave would have helped. Star Provisions is a must-try for any foodie - their prepared foods to take home as well as their foccacias and pizzas looked amazing. I need to come back more often!

Blueberry brown butter tart, chocolate peanut butter bar (back) and S'mores bar.

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Anonymous said...


I'm guessing you've been to Alon's. Have you been to Sawicki's? If so, how do these compare to Star Provisions?


Amy said...

I like the sandwiches at SP better than Alon's. I have not yet tried Sawicki's but it's on my radar. I do like Alon's cookies and pastries quite a bit - especially the almond croissant!