Monday, August 31, 2009

Rain on Cheshire Bridge

Super Rain Roll - shrimp tempura with avocado and smoked salmon on top - sushi for those who don't eat raw fish!

To celebrate several events including a very late birthday for one of the law partners in my office and my two year anniversary with the firm, we visited Rain, located in the Tara theater shopping plaza at the corner of Cheshire Bridge and LaVista. This is a nice place for a celebration lunch as the atmosphere is calm, quiet and soothing and the prices are not too high.

We all enjoyed the Super Rain roll and the tempura appetizer. I ordered the sashimi and tempura combination lunch, which also includes choice of soup or salad, several pieces of California roll and cucumber salad. The salmon sashimi (my fave) stood out. The tempura was excellent also.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their dishes, although I did not try anything other than the vegetarian curry, which was appropriately spiced and tasty. For dessert they brought out a complimentary ice cream/sticky rice platter with candle - nice touch! I love sticky rice so this was right up my alley.

Tempura appetizer.

Sashimi/Tempura lunch box - delicious salmon, my favorite!

Curried vegetables - nice and spicy.

Teriyaki Chicken.

Cashew Chicken.

Sushi/Pad Thai lunch box.

Sticky rice with coconut and green tea ice creams and chocolate sauce. Yum!

Rain on Urbanspoon

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dtownkid said...

Pad Thai and Sushi combo!? This is awesome! It's on my list now! Love your blogs! Thanks!