Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wahoo Grill Brunch

Eggs Carbonara - very tasty.

A couple of Sundays ago I went with a group of 5 to Wahoo Grill in Decatur. In addition to their brunch menu, they also offer a buffet brunch on Sundays, which looked amazing! We ordered off the menu, however, as we did not want to stuff ourselves before the day even got started.

The atmosphere here is the main draw. They have an inside section, a glass air conditioned patio and a true patio. On the outdoor patio, they have live music for Sunday brunch (perhaps other times also) as well as fans and mist-sprayers in the summer, making the outdoor seating quite nice.

As for the food, much of what I tasted off others' plates was delicious, especially the eggs carbonara. My salmon benedict was terrible, though - the salmon tasted very old and I could not taste any bourbon marinade. It really wrecked what could have been a lovely dish. To the restaurant's credit, the waiter immediately asked if I'd like something else, brought me a complimentary side of fruit and took the salmon off the bill. Still, it was disappointing since I had so been looking forward to trying this place. I might consider it again in the future, but I would definitely stay away from the salmon!

Biscuits with butter.

Bourbon marinated Salmon Benedict - the only disappointment.

Breakfast burrito, also very good.

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Anonymous said...

Three of us enjoyed brunch at Wahoo 11/28/09. The eggs carbonara were fantastic, the grits entree that my son had was also very good. My wife had the eggs benedict spinach, but the spinach was too wet for the croissant and it was too moist. The poached eggs were "the best I've ever had". It does take a really good chef to send an excellent simple egg to the table.