Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Authentic Czech Meal - Doba in Prague

Rustic plate at Doba in Prague. Included pork, sausage, potato pancakes and bread dumplings with two-toned sauerkraut.

Prague was the first stop on our central/eastern Europe tour; we flew directly from Atlanta and arrived in time to find a drunken Irishman (Paul) in our apartment. Things already off to an interesting start. However, considering we were early and Paul was staying there the night before, it was not all that shocking. Still, we've had a good laugh from it - especially the part where he kept repeating to us how it sounded when we rang the bell!

In Prague we had some great food: heavy traditional dishes and some Mediterranean flair from an international cafe. We also found some terrible tourist traps - at one they tried to charge us for potato chips we did not eat and even had the nerve to say they had us on camera! Think again - we argued until they finally removed the charges.

Overall Prague was a very walkable, yet large, city with many sites. In reporting on my trip I will include a few non-food highlights as well as document the spectacular culinary finds. First up, the traditional Czech restaurant, Doba. I found this through Internet research and we found it to be a great choice overall. The main dining room is underground, but there is a garden patio where we sat - a beautiful evening. We tried the dishes pictured and enjoyed each one. The beef, very tender in it's rich gravy, was complemented perfectly by the cranberry sauce - not sure about the whipped cream! We adored the garlic soup, both being huge fans of garlic and the pork platter (called the Rustic Plate) was also tasty. I would definitely recommend getting off the beaten track and finding this place if you are in Prague and want a reasonably priced authentic meal. Read another review here.

Garlic soup.

Beef with gravy, cranberry sauce (yes, it's under the whipped cream) and bread dumplings. Filling and delicious.


Unknown said...

That looks awesome Amy! Thanks for posting about your travel meals.

NakinaAce said...

The beef dish you had is called "svickova" and is probably the most popular in all Czech cuisine. There is another dish that you try that is quite good called "Spanish Bird" or Spanelsktina Ptak". It has pickle, egg, etc wrapped in beef or pork and then simmered until very tender and serve with a nice saude.