Friday, September 25, 2009


On top of Untersberg.

Salzburg was definitely a highlight of the trip. After Prague, it was a warm, welcoming small city. We bought Salzburg passes that allowed us into all the attractions for one (fairly low) price. Thus, we raced around the city, doing so many things! We went to Mozart's house, took the cable car up the Untersberg, took a boat tour, visited the fortress and more...

Cafe Tomaselli.

At this famous cafe, we had a delightful afternoon coffee and cake. I could get used to this! The people watching was also quite fun. Austria is known for its coffee obsession and many kinds are offered. I was pleased to see generous usage of whipped cream!

Coffee with milk and whipped cream... my kind of coffee!

House special cake and raspberry cake.

Fish Stew - so delicious.

Restaurant Zum Eulenspiegel.

For dinner we opted for something nice and it was very tasty. We sat outside in the lovely weather but the inside looked very cute also. The fish stew was absolutely amazing. The lamb and dumplings not bad either. I'd definitely recommend this place if you're in Salzburg.


Vegetarian dumplings in tomato sauce.

Horse & carriage - lots of these in Salzburg!

Stiegl Brewery - we toured, we tasted & we were almost late for our bus to the train station - yay for being in shape enough to run and make it! Loved the raspberry beer they offered and I am not a big beer fan.


Tabel20 said...

it looks like these are chines or Japanese dishes ???

Restaurang said...

nice blog and cool pictures :)