Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Firkin & Lindbergh - Trivia Night

Sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo - delicious.

Burger with salad - skip the salad!

Just after we returned from Europe (more posts on the trip coming soon) my neighbors invited us to play trivia at the new pub Firkin & Lindbergh near the Lindbergh MARTA station. Firkin is a franchise of pubs, with the majority of their outlets in Ontario, Canada. They also have pubs in 11 U.S. states.

The decor includes red velvet booths, which provided comfy seats for us as we were served up some fine pub fare. The sweet potato fries really hit the spot - I could have devoured the whole basket! The burger delivered as well, although we should not have opted for the overdressed, underwhelming salad - who orders a side salad at a pub anyway? The cottage pie was tasty, although the potato topping made up a substantial portion of the entree. Next time I want to try their chicken curry with chutney. We also sampled the bread pudding (not pictured), which was tasty but in my opinion had too much nutmeg and lacked a good sauce. The pudding was not as warm as we'd have liked either.

As for drinks, our party tried several enjoyable cocktails and beers and the beer flight. It's neat that they offer this selection of beer tastings from their ample offering of brews. Our server did fairly well throughout the meal but did not know how to properly handle the check, which we wanted gift certificates applied to and then split evenly. She corrected the problem, but what should have been a quick transaction turned out to take a few minutes. Overall this place is a welcome addition to the Atlanta pub scene and is probably a nice place to watch football if Taco Mac at Lindbergh is too full.

Cottage Pie with veggies.

Reuben with waffle fries.

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