Monday, August 09, 2010

Buckhead Bottle Bar

Mussels & Fries - nice and garlicky - ask for more bread!

I was invited for a complimentary meal at the new Buckhead Bottle Bar in the heart of it's namesake neighborhood. The space is quite appealing, including two patios and three bars. I'd love to rent this place out for a private party! For the most part we enjoyed the food. The drinks didn't thrill us, but it's definitely a cool place for those looking for that trend factor. I did adore the black & tan cheesecake and I like that they offer creative milkshakes as well.

Inside the restaurant.

Drinks include the Arnold Palmer.

Cornmeal toasted oysters and cheese and crab fritters - tasty but a bit on the pricey side at $9 and $11.

Pasta with veal ragu - tasty but the pasta seemed a bit gummy.

Black and tan cheesecake with a beer-flavored granita definitely beat out the plum crumble with ice cream.

Upstairs patio - nice area to hang out.

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Keri said...

So great to find you here. I live ouside of Atlanta, trasplanted from Nevada. It's different! Great blog.. I'm following.

I have a blog too, about sandwiches and would be honored to have you visit/friend me. Keri

Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Atlanta said...

I saw a scoutmob discount for Buckhead Bottle Bar and meant to go. Thanks for the information - I'm always looking for more reviews of restaurants in the Atlanta area.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I'm looking for some advice and I'm glad I came across your blog.I'm planning a bachelorette party in Atl. w/ the guests, myself included, being from out of town. I'm looking for a fun restaurant in the buckhead area. The bride doesn't care for mexican. Any ideas?