Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Googie Burger at Centennial Park

Several weeks ago I was able to take some of my co-workers to Googie Burger's opening media event. Googie is inside downtown Atlanta's Centennial Park and provides a nice alternative to the nearby CNN food court. My favorites: the Flyin' South chicken sandwich and, believe it or not, the veggie burger. The chicken sandwich has a kick to it, with spicy batter, hot sauce and blue cheese slaw on top. A definite winner. The veggie burger was better than most renditions I've tasted, prepared in house and topped with BBQ sauce and pepper-jack cheese. The hand cut fries were not bad either.

The burgers were tasty, too, although the beefy pig was a little too hefty for me, with smoked pork and bacon on top! One complaint from my entire table involved the iced tea: the sweet iced tea was too sweet, with little tea flavor and the unsweetened tea was watery, with little tea flavor. Some improvements should be made here.

We did enjoy three varieties of milkshake: a perfectly passable vanilla, a delicious peach and a wonderful peanut butter and jelly, although not much jelly could be tasted. The PB&J tasted even better frozen at home and eaten like ice cream. Googie also serves beer, wine and spiked milkshakes, a unique offering.

Googie's name comes from a distinct type of architecture, which features a bold look and wild angles. If you're in Centennial Park, you won't miss it!

Yours truly with Googie Burger's chef.

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Keri said...

I live in Georgia. I am one of your followers. I just want to compliment you on a job well done. I have a blog about sandwiches. Come see it some time. I'd love to have you visit. Keri