Sunday, August 08, 2010

Miso Izakaya - Better than Ever

Bun selection - crispy duck and pork belly - these alone are reason enough to visit Miso Izakaya - but many more delicious options are available as well.

Black Edamame.

Back in early June I was invited for a sampling of Miso Izakaya's new menu. I'd dined at Miso about a year ago with a review here, but things have changed for the better since my earlier review. The sushi is now outstanding and the buns are drool-worthy - the pork belly and crispy duck buns disappeared from our table in no time at all. We tremendously enjoyed just about everything we tried and plan to go back very soon. I love that Edgewood Ave. continues to improve its dining scene. Miso Izakaya is definitely worth checking out.

Delicious drinks - selections change seasonally but definitely enjoyed the creative cocktail list and extensive beer list.

Tuna Tartare - spicy with a quail egg on top - yum!

Pressed sushi in the Osaka style - delicious and no seaweed.

Baked mussels - one of the only disappointments; I think the mussels were a bit overcooked.

Spicy glazed Eggplant.

Kyoto Lamb Chop: madras curry with infused lemongrass marinade - another great option.

Tuna roll and salmon sashimi. The sashimi = awesome and salmon is my favorite. Calvin is not usually blown away by sushi but he was amazed by this salmon also.

Seared scallops with sweet creamed corn - one of my favorite dishes.

Lovely Exterior.

Excellent Green Tea Creme Brulee.

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