Monday, March 09, 2009

Amy's Ethiopian Food & Cafe

It's hard to believe I waited this long to try a restaurant that not only sports my name, but is also near where I work and live. On Friday night Amy's Ethiopian had several tables open including one by the window. Our waitress was very nice, and she took our order effectively and accurately although her spoken English was not the best. We said we liked "spicy" and she suggested the spicy lamb tibs. Although the dish was not at all fiery, it was tasty and enjoyable. The vegetarian platter was interesting, and although we never figured out what every item was, we ate all that was on the platter. Compared to other Ethiopian places in the city, the food here did not overwhelm me. However, the service was very warm and friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. Also, the food did not take inordinately long to arrive, as it tends to do at some Ethiopian places. I would return here in the future for some qualify Ethiopian fare close to home. The owner/chef graciously came up to speak with us after we'd eaten and was pleased to see that we'd devoured almost everything. If you've never tried Ethiopian food before, TRY IT! You eat with pieces of injera (spongy bread made from teff flour) and no cutlery is used. It's definitely a unique dining experience, reminding me again how diverse the world's cuisines can be.

The small storefront on Cheshire Bridge Road.

Spicy lamb tibs with salad, cabbage and extra injera.

Vegetarian platter - my favorites were the yellow lentils, the cabbage and anything with jalepenos!

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