Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brunch at Food 101

Saturday, sans camera, I went to Food 101 in Morningside for brunch. Prior to eating I also visited to Morningside Farmer's Market, where chef Shaun Doty of Shaun's was dishing up some tasty fresh pasta with spring veggies.

Food 101's brunch was tasty; I tried the Alon's brioche French toast with mascarpone and orange-rosemary honey and also sampled the special omelet of the day, which included chicken, goat cheese and zucchini with grits on the side. As a special treat I tried The "New" Red Hot Momma brunch cocktail, which included ginger ale, pureed strawberries and rum. It tasted like a fresh strawberry daiquiri except it wasn't frozen and you really could not taste any rum. Nevertheless, I actually don't really like alcohol and I think that small amount of run made me tired the rest of the day!!

Overall brunch was tasty; I especially liked the mascarpone and honey on the French toast (they bring them separately so you can put on as much as you like). The prices are a little high here, compared with some of my other favorite brunch spots, however. A plus is the side patio, from which you can hear live music coming from the farmer's market.

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