Monday, May 18, 2009

Cafe Intermezzo

Banana chocolate chip cake.

Last week I had a business lunch at Cafe Intermezzo near Perimeter Mall. There is also a location in Buckhead. They have a wide-ranging menu including savory crepes, salads, sandwiches and entrees. Inside there are display cases with cakes galore! I did not sample the crepe or the Waldorf salad, pictured below, but both of my dining companions enjoyed their meals. The turkey sandwich was tasty; I liked the addition of granny smith apple slices. The banana chocolate chip cake was quite sweet and had good flavor, although not any better than my chocolate chip banana bread! The atmosphere inside is nice, and there is a patio also. It has a real European feel, which is complemented by the foreign languages they play in the restrooms! Next time I will have to try one of the crepes.

Waldorf chicken salad sandwich.

Turkey DeLuxe sandwich with swiss and apple on croissant.

Chicken Duxelle Crepe.

Spinach side salad.

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Jessica said...

I love Intermezzo for a late night coffee and dessert! Their B-52 cheesecake is awesome. That crepe looks delicious too!

Anonymous said...

I joyned Cafe Intermezzo last month and I love everything right there ecxept the tables where are really dirty for a reason,All service seems to be a perfectly organized ,food is not really fresh,mostly servers are not outstending but thay are cool,I have been very impressed of the good ambience and this is the right place to stay if you are bored,or to have a late date.