Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Grit - Athens

Noodle bowl of the day.

On Monday work took me to Athens and since my paralegal and I were just finishing up business at 6:45 we decided to have dinner before making the drive back. One of the partners in my firm, who attended UGA, recommended The Grit. We thoroughly enjoyed our food there, especially the soup of the day (sweet potato, which had a very complex, slightly spicy flavor) and the noodle bowl (rice noodles, tofu, snap peas, mushrooms and red peppers in a red curry coconut broth). The hummus also tasted very fresh and flavorful. This is a great place to try if you're in Athens and need a quick bite. It's completely vegetarian although they do have some faux meat options like "chik'n" and veggie burgers. The desserts looked great, but we held back. I would love to try this place again soon. Athens afficianados - what are your favorite places to eat?


The inside bar/dessert case.

Hummus appetizer.

Sweet potato soup.

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Brittany said...

Oh, I love The Grit! It is what I miss most about Athens. For the record, if you go back, you really really must have some dessert. Their Vegan Chocolate Death Cake is in a class of its own. (And they actually don't serve any meat there. All 'meat' dishes are made with soy-based meat replacements. They are vegetarian through-and-through.)

Amy said...

Thanks for the tip! I've updated the post to reflect the same - show's that I was very hungry and didn't read the menu too thoroughly when I was there!

Evan said...

It's scary that I was at UGA when the Grit opened...yikes!

Evan said...

5 and Dime, The National, Last Resort, East West Bistro...all good options in Athens. (and I hope they are all still open too!)

Amy said...

Thanks for the tips Evan!

Anonymous said...

The Grit has an excellent cookbook. This last Christmas I gave two copies of it to cousins of mine, as gifts.

rocksalive777 said...

Seeing as you have already tried Big City Bread, if you ever find yourself back in Athens, I recommend Transmetropolitan (as I call it, "college town pizza" -- cheap, large slices, but still delicious), The Royal Peasant (a British-style pub and a recent addition to Athens' cuisine), Barberito's (an Athens burrito chain starting to spread to other locales -- better than Moe's), and, if you want to feel like a grungy college student, the Taco Stand (an Athens classic, hanging around from the days when REM and the B-52s were still playing the 40 Watt; it's not the best food in the world, but it is definitive of this great city).