Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cakes & Ale Birthday Dinner

Fried okra and arancini.

For my good friend Kimberly's birthday, several friends dined at Cakes & Ale in Decatur. This place is small and inviting with a great, farm-fresh (short) menu that changes daily. We devoured the fried okra and arancini (fried rice balls) along with some stellar bread and butter. Of course the Atkins-diet people are probably happy but I'd like to see a plentiful bread basket offered initially rather than the one slice per person that was left on our table (we asked for more and were brought - again - one slice per person)! Still, perhaps the dearth of bread made it taste even better and of course, it left room for more of their delicious food. I recommend this place for an intimate dinner for two or for a larger (but not too large) party. Cakes & Ale is a welcome addition to the Decatur dining scene and I hope to be back there again soon.

Delicious burger.

The burger was a real standout. The combination of meats they use is different and perfect. I also like the shoestring fries.

Chalkboard menu - changes daily.

Tomato & onion side dish - so tasty - and gnocci with sausage.

Duck with turnips and turnip greens. This dish disappointed me a bit as the greens were quite bitter. Still, I enjoyed the mashed turnips and the duck itself had a good flavor.

Phatty cakes - so addictive! Must try.

Sauteed pear, brioche and vanilla sauce and salted caramel tart - both excellent.

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