Monday, November 09, 2009

Martha's Vineyard Eats 2009

Clams & ussels in a spicy sauce - my favorite!

Every year I try to make it to the island of Martha's Vineyard for at least a long weekend. The laid back culture, beautiful scenery and fresh seafood make for a relaxing and fun vacation - this is why President Obama decided to vacation here! My aunt and uncle own a very nice house with a great location on the island and graciously invite us to stay every year. For rental information, click here.

This year Cal and I went over a long weekend in October - great weather and a fun time had by all (as usual). We ate out several times during our stay and enjoyed my aunt's wonderful cooking as well.

Near the beginning of our stay we dined at il tesoro in Edgartown at the Charlotte Inn. Overall I was pleased with the experience, especially the spicy mussel and clam appetizer my dad ordered (above), the pesto gnocci (below) and the dessert.



Tuna steak - very good.

Seafood pasta special - not as flavorful as I would have liked. Next time I'll stick with the tomato version. Also, it was supposed to have lobster in it but I don't remember tasting any.

Veal Marsala.

Pesto Gnocci - light and deliciously garlicky. Highly recommended by my cousin Amanda!

Dessert selection - we tasted several of these. My favorite was the berry tart.

Had to go for a lobster roll - following a long bike ride, this was tasty and I enjoyed the sweet potato fries, too.

One day for lunch we went to Fishbone's in Oak Bluffs (not sure why their address on urbanspoon is listed as Vineyard Haven). Our lunch was fine and it was nice to sit near the boats docked nearby.

Cal tried the Fish & Chips. He liked this dish, although I think we were so hungry we would have enjoyed anything!

Our last night on the Vineyard we dined at The Mediterranean in Oak Bluffs. While some of the dishes were noteworthy and tasty, the entire experience was dampened by the extremely slow service and bloopers made throughout the evening including raw eggplant being served under a fried eggplant sandwich, cold food and bad coffee. The restaurant was practically empty so there was no reason for our meal to take 3 hours.

Tapas portions of calamari and carmelized sea scallop with fig sauce - good.

One of the Greek pasta dishes - I can't remember which one - not listed on the online menu. I do remember it was tasty.


Mussel tangine - the best savory dish of the meal; interesting spices used to enhance the fresh seafood.

Lamejun - an interesting melange of flavors but this version turned out dry.

Falafel with rice.

"The Stack" - for some reason this fried eggplant sandwich was served atop raw eggplant this evening - very strange indeed.

The best part of the meal with the burnt sugar ice cream that accompanied this giant and dense chocolate cake.

Mocha creme brulee was also tasty.

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the food really seems to be tasty and it was made even more tastier by your apt description of the menu.

One should try to visit these eating joints while in Cape Cod.

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