Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disappointing Meal at Top Flr

My first visit to Top Flr was fabulous (read first review). Unfortunately, the second was sprinkled with kinks that make me question this place's great reviews. Let's start with what did work: the tuna tartar is still on point and we also really enjoyed the white bean hummus. I would recommend these starters with no reservations. The tuna is really a spectacular creation that I could eat almost daily. The problems started with the sweet potato succotash, which on my previous visit, was spiced, creamy and delicious. This time it tasted like the kitchen tried to quick-cook the potato in the microwave - it was not even soft; also, the sauce lacked salt - something rare these days from restaurant kitchens - and the jalepeno cream was virtually nonexistent. This was so disappointing after raving about this dish on our last visit. Upon my complaint the server did take it off our check, however, which was certainly an appropriate gesture. The other items we ordered as a main course: the duck pizza, the goat cheese ravioli and the mac & cheese were not outstanding to me. The duck on the pizza was dry; the ravioli consisted of a small portion of noodle/cheese with some crabmeat and mushrooms, an interesting concept that did not work for me. The mac & cheese was cheesy and tasty but too thick - it seemed like it needed some kind of liquid or additional spice.

For dessert we ordered the pear tart with cardamom ice cream. The main reason I ordered this was because I wanted to taste the interplay between the cardamom and the pear tart. The tart came out with a scoop of raspberry sorbet. When I asked the person who brought out the dish (who offered no explanation initially and was already on to the next table when I called him back ), he really did not seem to know what was going on. The waiter didn't say much either and did not offer to comp the dessert. The sorbet didn't go with the tart at all and although the tart was tasty itself, the experience was ruined for me by the lack of information about the change.

I know you should not judge a place by one bad experience but it will be difficult for me to come back for awhile following these mishaps. Apparently the restaurant is packed on Mondays for their continuing $15 menu. Top Flr has a very cool vibe, a nice beer and cocktail list and some creative food, but based on my two experiences there is dramatic room for improvement on consistency and communication.

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LK said...

I'm so sad you had a disappointing meal! I eat there more often that I eat in my own kitchen (sad.) and, like you, agree that the tuna tartar and white bean hummus are spectacular, but usually find the duck confit pizza + the mac and cheese amaaaaazing. Two of my faves.

I say give it another shot ;)

xx, Lauren

PS I love your blog.