Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fellini's on Ponce

Large Spinach Mushroom Pizza

Although I've lived in Atlanta for 2 1/2 years now, somehow this was my first visit to Fellini's Pizza, which has several area locations. Their spinach mushroom pizza combines the obvious with extra cheese and garlic to create a tasty pie. We also shared a salad, which was not very remarkable but did the trick of making us feel like we had something healthy. The extra cheese was actually too much for me so next time I'll tell them to leave off the extra & maybe add some sundried tomatoes!

Fellini's Pizza on Urbanspoon


April said...

Love reading your food blog, and this is one of my favorites!!!

Unknown said...

Your picture makes that pizza look really good...any chance they deliver to Germany??

Amy said...

Thanks April! Andrew - maybe via overnight FedEx!? :)

Jessica said...

I just had this for lunch! Also had a slice of their supreme, very good, and a little spicy (from the sausage, maybe)

Anonymous said...


How was the crust?