Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Co'm Vietnamese Grill - Buford Highway

Combination salad with mango, papaya, apple and chicken.

C'om Vietnamese Grill on Buford Highway is a place I tried once when I first moved to Atlanta, then did not return to for several years. I can't quite remember why. I enjoyed my last two visits here immensely, for the quality and freshness of the food as well as the quick and non-intrusive service. I adore the combination salad, made with green mango and papaya as well as apple. You can add any of there meats - the chicken and the lamb were quite good. The food here may not be as authentic as some of my other favorite Vietnamese haunts (such as Pho Dai Loi #2) but I have to give them credit for creativity and for the ambience of the small restaurant, which is refreshingly pleasing after coming in from the strip-mall parking lot. I have not tried the Dunwoody location, but would seek it out if I'm ever in that area.

Lamb-stuffed grape leaves.

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Cheezy said...

..."the food here may not be as authentic..."

Just curious... Why do you say so? What's authentic Vietnamese to you?

Amy said...

Hmmm. Good question. I suppose the salmon and lamb offerings here are what make me think it's not as authentic. However, until I visit Vietnam I suppose I will not know! Hopefully I will get to travel there in the next few years. Do you think C'om is just as/more authentic than other BuHi Vietnamese restaurants?

Anonymous said...

The sister store in Dunwoody openly describes itself as a "fusion" restaurant. The bartender, when I went there, was French.

It was awfully good. I'm not often talked into a dessert these days.


Joe said...

My wife and I just love Com. Its our favorite. We lived in Orlando for a year near Colonial Dr where all you can find is Vietnamese food and Com is truly the best. The lamb grape leaves is not a normal dish im sure but is very tasty.

Also a must have is the coffee! It gets you geeked. Love making them at home as well.

The only thing i would not recommend is the minced shrimp...

It is a small drive from Buckhead for us but well worth it.