Friday, November 06, 2009

Honey Pig and SunO

Scallops, kimchee, mushrooms and bean sprouts on the grill.

Several weeks ago we ventured to Honey Pig in Duluth following an outing to the annual JapanFest in Gwinnett county. I'd heard a lot about this place from fellow bloggers, but as I rarely get to Duluth, this was my first time trying it. The pork belly is what to come here for; it was very tender and delicious. I also enjoyed the selection of mushrooms. We ordered scallops as well, which were okay but not worth their high price. In general this place was a little too expensive for what you get, in my opinion. Still, if you're looking for a nicer atmosphere and want Korean BBQ, this is a good choice. Personally, I would return more quickly to Han Il Kwan on Buford Highway - better prices and just as tasty. Also closer to home for me, but I'm sure others have differing opinions.

What is your favorite Korean restaurant in the Atlanta area (not just for BBQ)?

Soup and a variety of sauces and side items were served with the meats.

After you finish eating meat and veggies, the waiter makes fried rice on the griddle.

Our strawberry mango SunO.

After dinner we headed to SunO, an Asian dessert shop specializing in creamy shaved ice treats. The ice itself is made with cream or milk and sugar, rendering the shaved ice flavorful. Then toppings are applied such as fruits, nuts, cookie bits and mochi (small sweet rice cakes) along with sweetened condensed milk and/or fruity syrups. Also offered are various crepes, bubble teas and wheel pies. I love the taste of the shaved ice here and could eat is on its own easily - it takes me back to childhood when my mom used to make snow cream from freshly fallen snow. This was really a treat since we rarely had snow in Charlotte, NC! SunO is near a SuperH Mart in Duluth - a gourmet Korean supermarket that is also worth checking out for its great selection, prepared foods sections and food court.

Outside the store.

So many tasty options!

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Anonymous said...

I've mentioned my family's favorite Korean restaurant (Cho Wan BBQ) on this blog before, but the ones that will have most of my attention in the next few days are the three in the Assi Supermercado food court. The court just too close to where I live to ignore.


Tonya said...

Next time you are in the area, please go to the Assi Plaza mart- it blows away the Super H Mart. I am obsessed with it now that it's open. It's on Pleassant Hill on the other side of 85 from SunO.

Amy said...

Yes I definitely want to try the Assi Plaza soon. I don't get OTP very often but this is definitely on my list as is Cho Wan BBQ! Thanks for the tips.

dtownkid said...

This is my favorite Korean restaurant in Doraville/Atlanta area. It's called So Kong Dong Tofu House.

Amazing food and they have combinations of Korean favorites.

Doraville is another Korean Town area and there are lot of places that is yummy!