Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sunday Night Pasta at Shaun's

Your basic spaghetti and meatballs.

I've heard a lot about Shaun's from various sources, but had never been, partially because it's a pretty expensive place for an everyday meal. Now on Sunday night, a special offer: salad, choice of pasta and gelato for $12/per person. I thought I read someplace that garlic bread was also included, but none was seen on our visit. The meal was fine, but nothing memorable, although I liked the ear shaped pasta (Orecchiette) that went with the pork and broccoli rabe dish (below). The salad (not pictured) was very simple, with lettuce and sweet onion in a buttermilk ranch and the small serving of chocolate and vanilla gelato was tasty.

I suppose the main reason this offer is appealing is that you can dine in the same space with people paying $50+ for their meal while you fork over only $12. To me, though, if I'm dining at such a place I'd rather try their best, and for simple pasta I'd rather stay at home or visit Figo, where at any time you can choose your own $12 meal that includes salad, pasta and dessert! I would definitely like to try Shaun's again sometime, but I will wait for a special occasion rather than going again for the Sunday pasta special.

Orecchiette with pork, broccoli rabe and garlic.

Chocolate and Vanilla gelato.

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D'Andrea said...

Had the pasta special last night at Shaun's and you hit the nail on the head.

Pasta night is nothing special. I did like, that the salad was served family style but it was just lettuce, celery and dressing. We also didn't get bread. Dessert was plain vanilla ice cream.

Enjoyed the lemon ricotta ravioli with salmon. Found the salmon to be nicely cooked and the pasta had a nice light lemon flavor. Had to ask for Parmesan and black pepper. When they brought the pepper, it was a small shaker of ground like you'd get with an airline meal. No fresh ground here. I thought the house wine was over priced at $28 especially if "Pasta Night" is to be an affordable Shaun's experience. Will try it again, but not for Pasta Night.