Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweets from The Pecan

Signature pie with a dollop of whipped cream.

On Friday night after grilling a nice meal for my friend Katie (visiting from Houston), we stopped over at The Pecan, near where she was staying at the Airport Hilton, for some dessert. The pecan pie and the peach cobbler were both tasty; the regular menu here looks pretty expensive considering the location but places like this are livening up College Park and the surrounding area. Somehow I've eaten near the airport a lot lately - very unusual!

Peach cobbler with ice cream.

View of the dining room (bar on other side of wine rack).

Neat murals.

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VSanchez said...

These desserts look delicious. The next time that I am in Atlanta, I will try The Pecan. Which of these desserts do you prefer more?

Amy said...

In this case I liked the peach cobbler better, but it might have been the ice cream. Also, it was served warm, which made it ultra delish!

Anonymous said...

Ate at The Pecan the other night. It was fantastic! My wife had the New Zealand Lamb Chops and I had the Rib Eye. Flavors were terriffic, cook exactly as we requested and when the two were combined into one bite, it was out of this world. I'm from Texas and pecan pie is my favorite. This was the BEST pecan pie I have ever had. We will go back!