Monday, April 20, 2009

Button Cakes Bakery

Please see updated post about Button Cakes here.

After receiving a 2 for 1 coupon in the mail, I decided to check out the cupcakes from Button Cakes Bakery one morning in Decatur. The cakes are sold inside Voila Cafe on West Ponce de Leon Avenue. There is a display case in the back of the restaurant and the staff will box up your cupcakes to go in neat little cupcake boxes that make sure your cakes remain upright!

The cupcakes I tasted were okay, but nothing great. Atlanta Cupcake Factory and West Egg Cafe both have better cupcakes, in my opinion. At Button Cakes, the chocolate frosting on the vanilla cupcake was excellent, but the cake itself did not stand out. The hummingbird cupcake was fine but even with the fruity cake it did not make a lasting impression. It's neat that Decatur has a place like this and the decor inside Voila Cafe is cute although I've never eaten there. Still, there are better places to buy cupcakes in the Atlanta area.

Available flavors board.

Selection of cupcakes.

Hummingbird and vanilla with chocolate frosting.


VSanchez said...
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Amy said...
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Anonymous said...

hmmm, i had the opposite experience. the coconut was the best cupcake i've ever had. dunno, guess you had a bad day.