Monday, April 06, 2009

Sushi Kiku - Don't Fall For the "Bargain"!

Seaweed salad.

Sushi = nothing to write home about. It's hard to tell from the photo but the nigri pieces have very thin slices of fish.

Last Tuesday on the way back from Lenox Square I decided to check out the half price sushi, offered every Tuesday, at Sushi Kiku. The atmosphere is nice, with a dark space; there are tables available as well as a sushi bar. The seaweed salad was okay, but nothing special. The sushi was pretty tasteless and you could tell they were slicing it thin - I hope on account of the half price night and not because they always slice so thin. Additionally, the regular prices were HIGH - $5.95 for two pieces of hamachi (yellowtail) so the half price was really more like a fair price, possibly a bit of a bargain. The scallop was pretty good but otherwise I could not really taste anything on account of how thin the fish was sliced.

I noticed they offer a lunch and weekend buffet, which might be a better option, depending on what they serve. Still, the deal offered Monday through Wednesday at Harry & Sons is much better, in my opinion - $1 sushi until 7 PM - regular cut and delicious!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been for half-price Tuesdays, but I can vouch for the daily lunch buffet. All you can eat for $10.00 is a pretty good deal and the sushi is more than decent. The buffet also has a salad bar and several non-sushi options, including some pretty tasty beef and fried donuts for dessert. I would give lunch a shot before you make up your mind.

Amy said...

Yes, I should definitely try it before commenting on the buffet. I am amending my post to reflect the same. Glad you've enjoyed it and had a different experience than I did.

Ryan said...

I went on Thursday night for all you can eat sushi for 19.99. On this website, "It states ..All sushi & rolls $19.99" On the sign when you walk into the restaurant, it states the same as on the website. I got here often, but never on a Thursday. I usually order three rolls, but tonight I decided to order 5 rolls to try two new ones that I have never tried. Once the meal was finished, the server told us that it is a $1.00 per roll we didnt eat. She pointed out to the bottom of the menu where it states on the menu that "leftovers are $1.00 a piece." This is not written well, it would make most people think at an all you eat place, it deters people from ordering too much food to take home. And you would have to pay 1.00 per piece to take home. NOT HERE!!!!! It should read, any uneaten sushi will be charged. Or how about the server tell us when we are ordering, or on the advertisements. apparently any food left on the plate, you must pay for in addition to what you pay for the all you can eat. I didn't want to take any home. I spoke to the manager who was RUDE!!! He told our table to never come back. We eat here weekly, and sometimes twice a week. We have never had a single problem until now. Our table of 6-8 every week, spends roughly 200 here. This place has lost all of our business and we will never recommend this place to anyone. I cannot believe this place can stay in business with this style of management. Like I said, I have always enjoyed this place, but after one complaint and the manager telling us to never come back is rude and unacceptable. They need to be investigated for false advertising.

Lauren said...

They are very clear that any leftovers will be charged. It is well posted and easy to understand. My 9 year old loves the sushi buffett and she understood the rules. Dont blame the restaurant them for your actions.